word purchase.

the word on todays dictionary page is purchase. right away i thought of a house, the largest loan most of us will ever take on. it reminded me of blueprints, ledger pages and of course numbers, really large numbers in most cases. i had fun with this one because i am an architectural renderer by trade so collecting plan and drawing books are a must for me. i decided to tear a house out and paste it on the page. i have a great ledger stencil and laurie speltz makes a great number stencil with a variety of sizes on one sheet. i picked my favorites and had fun placing them around the page. i chose various hues of blue to represent the blueprints i love to look at but other than that, there was no rhyme or reason to it. i have to say, this page was finished in about 10 minutes, i absolutely love when art comes together without an effort. have fun, rip out a page and let your mind wander - it's art after all!

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