word lacing.

there were so many words that i liked on this dictionary that it was hard to decide. lad, ladder, lake, lady, ladybird, ladyship, that i just closed my eyes and randomly picked one. lacing was chosen and i thought of a couple things instantly. shoe laces, punching holes in the paper and actually lacing ribbon through it then i actually read it. you won't believe how versatile this word is.

lacing (noun) - action of one that laces; braid of a uniform; a rope through the eyelet of a sail; colored border of a flower; a shoestring; metal clip to unite ends of belts; segment of a leaf.

can you see the dilemma of making art with it? the one that intrigued me the most was the eyelet of a sail so here is my rendition with my own quirky twist. it is my art after all which means my imagination run rampant :D


  1. That's a pretty unique way to be inspired to make art! I wouldn't expect anything less from you Kelly!

  2. thank you Linda, I love words and wanted to make some fast art - win, win!