adventure ride.

another page in my living canvas art journal. i wanted to focus on the wild ride of my artistic journey. it has taken me from designing pattern packets, books and magazine articles to exhibiting and travel teaching around the united states and now online teaching. it has been a fun, exciting and exhilarating ride throughout the years and i know there is so much more coming my way. online teaching will be a way to share my art with people around the world, wow, that is just so cool! if someone would have told me that when i started, i would have looked at them like they had two heads. speaking of two heads, did you notice the huge caterpillar i am riding? yes, that's me with the wings ready to take the reins and ride into the world of uncharted territories. hope you will join me for my first mixed media ecourse "5 days, 5 canvases" on july 9th. to find out more go to http://kellyhoernig.webs.com/ecourses.htm


what's your story.

this is the intro page to my living canvas class art journal and i wanted to begin with my story. i love this stencil from artist cellar and it reminded me of a giant pulley wheel. i know, only i could see such things. i decided to make a banner to attach the wheel stating my purpose for this page. this is the right hand side of the journal, on the left hand side i wrote "continually pulling myself in a forward motion." such a simple statement but one of perseverance (my word of the year). so, what's your art story? how would you begin to translate your journey?


my wings.

i am taking an online ecourse called create your living canvas by christy tomlinson. it is about finding yourself and what matters most to you and how to make it all mesh together. so far i am loving the exercises and it really does make you think about things in a different perspective. i'm working in a composition notebook where i art in the first half and journal in the second half. i like it to be separate but together and this inexpensive way works great for me. this little sweetie (yes that's my baby picture) is a part of my journal cover. i just knew it would inspire you to do something wonderful with your photos! happy creating...