52 cards, it's free.

this year i will do art as a fun, play thing to do.
52 weeks, 52 cards.
i have picked the size and will be using flash cards as the surface of choice. i can hardly wait. there will be a weekly word. how you choose to render it is totally up to you. just the word, calligraphy, artistically, your choice! the fun part is you get to do what you want and each week can be different. how exciting right? well, if you would like to join my free facebook group "art aMUSEment" and get in on the play time i would love to have you there, here's the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/409056572490404/


discover your style.

this online ecourse will help you find and discover your artistic style while exploring your creative side. come and join me!



this adorable image from ireland rose nostalgia on etsy just stole my heart. i can hear her saying, "are you ready? we can do this. let's just try!"

the word i have chosen for myself this year is forward. it's a common word yes, but the meaning speaks volumes to me: belonging to the front; eager, ready; brash, bold' notably advanced or developed; precocious; moving, leading to a position in front; ready for the future; extreme, radical. this adjective gets me fired up and that is exactly why i picked it as my word for 2013.

i did a short video of my art journal page with this image as my inspiration, hope you will take a peek https://vimeo.com/57915189

so what's your word this year?


are you joining in?

my second online e-course starts Thursday and I cannot wait. this has been one of my favorite classes to put together because anything goes. i was able to add gears, goggles, bolts, nuts, washers and all the left over parts of anything else i could find in order to steampunk it up. who knew my brain could think this crazy stuff up for 6 projects? okay, i guess i knew i was capable but imagine my excitement when it actually looked like the picture in my head. that thrilled and scared me beyond belief LOL

i do hope you will join me. the class is open for 6 months and all that is needed is a little adventurous creativity on your part. if you want more info, check it out here http://kellyhoernig.webs.com/ecourses.htm 


enter 2013.

a fair welcome sign.
an inspiration for my first journal page of 2013.
a new start.
a fresh color palette.
a lot of little details.
have fun watching me create a fun page.
get inspired.
be creative!
happy new year!