my favorite.

i saved my favorite card for last and yes, i just had to keep it for myself. thank goodness i had a joker to redo and send in so i had 52 cards for the swap. i used the crown that showed through from the original card as the topper of this exquisite stamped face. using a page from a book, i stamped then painted the face to enhance its beauty and gracefulness. i then stenciled over part of the image on both sides and added the quote. i felt they went hand in hand and it looks great on a bookshelf in my studio - inspiration comes each and every time i look at her. so, are you ready to get involved in an inspiration deck swap yet? i sure hope so...



another flower card that i just had to share. this one i cut in half so i could use the image twice on different cards. i couldn't help put the beautiful yellow on a soft blue background, they just went together so perfectly. the paper page was added for another layer then i stenciled dots on top to give it added dimension. this is a great quote and i wanted to place it in a place of honor so i added a thin border with a glittered bee on top. the card looks creatively balanced and i hope it inspires a lot of projects.



the simplicity of this card makes it one of my favorites from the deck. if i could have, i would have kept it for myself, but well, that would really defeat the purpose of swapping with other artists wouldn't it? i gessoed, painted, pressed into bubble wrap then glued on the butterfly image that i cut in half. i then stenciled through a doily giving it a lot of fun white spots across the image. i added the quote, inked around it and it was finished. the time flew by because i was just playing in the studio with paint, paper and glue. i love when that happens!



another inspiration deck card to share with you all.

for this one i painted, papered, stamped then found these gloriously glittered flowers to adhere to the card. of course, daisies are my favorite flower so it was perfect for the swap. i loved the quote and all the layers this little card provided. i hope the recipient is inspired to be creative and do art, after all, that is the intention of the deck.



i participated in my first inspiration deck swap and had a great time creating these little bits of aspirations. using a regular card deck, gesso one side then proceed to adorn it with any element you find around your studio. i looked to the internet for inspirational quotes, sized them and printed them out. glue one onto each card, decorate some more and voila, you are finished. i put my name/blog/web address on the back and sent them off to be swapped. i can't wait to receive my little deck of inspiration. it will be wonderful getting a new piece of art to look at every day for 52 days. don't you wish you would have played too?


studio play.

although i didn't get the opportunity to be part of the graphic 45 design team, i sure had a lot of fun playing with their papers. i love to be inspired and well, their papers are all different enough that they give me a great reason to play in the studio. there is always next year, right? don't let yourself walk away from a challenge just because you don't think you are good enough. try and learn and then try again. i look at every opportunity as a chance to put myself and my art out there, don't you. i hope you find something that inspires you and you give it a try, today. isn't that what art is all about - creativity and inspiration all in one!