graphic 45 design team 2012 audition.

i am auditioning for a design team position for graphic 45 with this blog. i hope you enjoy the various projects created with their unique scrapbook papers. wish me luck!

this card was created with a word prompt of "rejuvenate" and the clowns were perfect for my analogy of the word.

i wanted to created layers with this 7x5 canvas and thought of the big top and all the magic that happens in the tent - hope you enjoyed the peek inside.

i was inspired by the loveliness of this tight rope walker
and wanted to give her a full dress and a cage full of butterflies to show off her beauty and grace.

i absolutely love paris, black and white, peacock feathers and eyes. this painted piece is done on a paper mache jewelry box.

i had a couple empty christmas card boxes with plastic lids left over this year and knew they would make great repurposed gifts. i created this dimensional pear to make you wonder what it is made of.

games, especially cards are a favorite of mine and well, anything from nature is a huge inspiration for my creative side. using this paper and designing a natural card for the wooden card box came very easy and i just love the results - want to play?


fairy tales.

this is my artistic contribution to the fly tribe's atc swap for march. since the theme is fairy tales, how could i resist, right? i actually used the same frog as my 12 days of christmas done in colored pencil only i gave him a lot more space this time. i added the heart and well, his wishful thinking that a girl is going to fall for his golden crown and reward him with a kiss - fat chance for that - but how much money are we talking, exactly? knew that would make you smile.


b mine, valentine?

i was experimenting with translucent yupo paper (the heart)
and loved working with colored pencils on its very smooth surface. the transparency lets the layers behind show through adding an extra dimension that i just love. i found scrapbook paper with words of adornment on them so decided to center the heart just under the word dearest and love that you don't really notice it until you study it for a while. the double ribbon was added because i wanted to give the left side equal weight to the large b block. i added a tissue paper flower and pearl brad to add a touch of rustic femininity to the piece. overall i am really pleased with the results and can't wait to try a couple more effects with the yupo paper.