journaling words.

art journaling 101 gave way to many pages, a lot of excitement and a room full of artistic energy. i love when this happens. throw papers, ephemera, paints and some decoupage in front of each student and watch what happens - pure magic. words mean a great deal to me, i actually love them. not love, but L O V E, them! so what would your journaling page say? what word would you be working with today, tomorrow, this weekend? it is a great place to start because it can evoke such memories, images and sentiments that you could use the word all journal long. give it a try, you might like the artistic fascination it has!


journaling in aqua.

art journaling 101 brought about personal color palettes and this one seemed to be a popular one. but, then again, who doesn't love a touch of aqua here and there. i love the variety the color offered each student and saw their creativity come from within. so, what does aqua mean to you? how would you put it into your art journal?

did you notice the overlapping of art elements? I tried to get to them to think of a variety of textures, sizes and interesting shapes. it will become boring quite quickly if everything is the same size and pattern on the page. they did a great job in every instance of this group. large rectangles, added embellishments, touches of fabric - a feast for the eyes!


journaling in orange.

this is a continuation of the wonderful art created in Art Journaling 101 at Artist Expo. i loved the imagination and the exciting color of orange used throughout these works. since it is my favorite color, i fell in love instantly. the individual personalities that came across each page made my heart sing. i love when you shine through in your art, it is what makes it so unique and special.

mix the orange with my favorite insects (butterflies and dragonflies) oh yeah, my heart went pitter pat so loud you could hear it across the room. so what would your orange page look like? what would you include? a message, a photo, a flower - aren't the possibilities just endless, love that!


art journaling in texas.

I taught Art Journaling 101 at the Artist Expo in The Woodlands Texas in June and wanted to share a couple of my students works throughout the week. They were given a plethora of supplies to play with and were asked to work with what inspired them. The finished works were unbelievable and the joyful energy was felt by all. It was an excited group willing to just reach for the unlimited possibility of each and every page.