free how-to video.

during my website holiday sale these little playing card ornaments were given as gifts. i received so many questions about where people could buy them that i thought it would be perfect to show you how fun and easy they were to make yourself. you need a few supplies, a bit of imagination and some free time but otherwise you are just in for a great time playing in your studio.

the video ran a lot longer than i thought (imagine that) so there are actually two parts. enjoy them and i can't wait to see what you do with the idea!

oh yeah, i guess you need this http://kellyhoernig.webs.com/freestuffvideos.htm



so this charming piece is really little, 4x4 to be exact. i wanted to use recycled items to make something special that reflected the winter season. the background is actually a piece of an envelope from the disabled veterans. the window pane is from scrapbook die cut packaging. i have painted white across the envelope to add the wintery snow element then stenciled on some light snowflakes. i was trying to keep them nice and transparent so the scene behind came through. the large snowflake is the only thing newer, it is a die cut. can't wait to see what kind of christmas cards i receive this year, it should make for some interesting artwork for the next :)


word heroine.

i love this page.

i couldn't pick just one word, had to save a whole column of them. they include hero, heroic, heroically, heroine and heroism.

for my art though, it is definitely heroine (a female hero; the female character in a play, novel, etc.) that i wanted to art around. what better character than myself, right?

what would she wear, wings of course! hum, would that be dragonfly, butterfly or bumblebee? the more colorful butterfly is what i went for. the large H on her chest, well she has to have an initial, right? and it made me laugh. her saying, enjoy the simple pleasures. perfection in a page. playful, fun and heroic if you ask me...


holiday sale.

it's here.
my one and only sale of the year and yes it's the holiday so you've got it, my holiday sale!
everything is on sale, both acrylic and colored pencil packets, mixed media kits, my new online steampunk series e-course and as always, free shipping on everything.

what are you waiting for - oh yeah, the link

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Happy Holidays!