my favorite.

i saved my favorite card for last and yes, i just had to keep it for myself. thank goodness i had a joker to redo and send in so i had 52 cards for the swap. i used the crown that showed through from the original card as the topper of this exquisite stamped face. using a page from a book, i stamped then painted the face to enhance its beauty and gracefulness. i then stenciled over part of the image on both sides and added the quote. i felt they went hand in hand and it looks great on a bookshelf in my studio - inspiration comes each and every time i look at her. so, are you ready to get involved in an inspiration deck swap yet? i sure hope so...

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  1. You are coming up with crazy good designs, Kelly!! It is so much fun to come here and see what you have been up to, so thanks for your consistency!