my wings.

i am taking an online ecourse called create your living canvas by christy tomlinson. it is about finding yourself and what matters most to you and how to make it all mesh together. so far i am loving the exercises and it really does make you think about things in a different perspective. i'm working in a composition notebook where i art in the first half and journal in the second half. i like it to be separate but together and this inexpensive way works great for me. this little sweetie (yes that's my baby picture) is a part of my journal cover. i just knew it would inspire you to do something wonderful with your photos! happy creating...


  1. Kelly, that is one of the most adorable creations I've seen...I love it! How meaningful to use a pic of yourself as a sweet little baby! Enjoy this course.


  2. Love your delicate collage pictures. The ones with your baby pics are especially precious. You create great animation and story-like elements. What fun!