dictionary pages

i love words.
all of them.

they challenge
me to discover
new ones each
and every day.
i play words
with friends,
love scrabble,
and can even be
found doing a
word search
puzzle every
now and then.

a book of words.
can it get better?
not thinking so.

dictionaries are like a drug for me. i need them and have quite a few. i have especially been collecting them in all sizes and shapes since becoming enamored with mixed media. they make great backgrounds, can be cut up for individual words for a special meaning or well, can be used for just about anything else you want.

so, my daily challenge...to create art letting one word on the dictionary page inspire me. no rhyme or reason, just pick one. can you believe in a random pick i pulled out the page with MUSE on it. what great luck. here's my muse page, i hope it inspires you to pull out, dust off and actually use that wondrous book i know you have hidden somewhere - the dictionary.


  1. I am with you! Happy you are back! I always enjoy your work:) Julie

  2. Kelly - love this post! I love words, too and art, of course :D
    Thanks for sharing your passions. You are such an inspiration!

  3. love the clown in your dictionary page.

  4. the clown is from alteredartifacts on etsy it's their pantomine digital photo - so many cute ones to choose from, thanks fairykin

  5. Julie and Deborah, thank you for your kind WORDS! I am glad to be back!!