playful pieces.

i am on the hunt for vintage game pieces and came across this set up at old green shutters antiques. i loved the idea of the miscellaneous pieces being displayed in such a playful way, after all, cupcakes and games do go hand in hand :) 

i remember many hours of monopoly and to this day we play it and adjust the rules to make it a little more strategic. landlords that lend money and make you put up collateral, rent extended until you pass go, deals between people all written longhand and legally of course. isn't that what gaming is about, being inventive and using your imagination to unlock the what ifs in life. i often wonder what has become of my childhood friends and hope they look fondly at the hours we spent together stretching our minds with game playing. memories, we have them to treasure them don't you think? i know i appreciate mine each and every day. so grab your family and friends and make it game night once again!

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