just bee.

i have an affinity for bees in any form. in fact, any insect on anything will make me stop for a closer look. this bee came from a deck of children's cards and i just cut it out to serve my purpose. the numbered paper and the bee was my inspiration for this file card, it just so happened that the dotted piece on the right was in my stash of scraps. wasn't it a great fit? i know right, couldn't have planned it any better. i like the dots on the tree and knew it would look charming right above the word so that's where i put it. fun and colorful, playing has its rewards and this one brought on a smile as a bonus. hope you are playing in the studio today!

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  1. I also have a thing for bees..I had a bunch of dead ones on my windowsill for quite some time. They were excellent models! I love painting them.
    I definitely am smiling...in 3 hours I will get to play..