love of the game.

i love games! love them! all games. big and small, long and short, easy or hard, there is not one favorite here. my love of games started on garfield street were the neighborhood gathered on a screened in porch to play for days on end. there was clue, sorry, monopoly, life and so much more and it shaped me into a person who thinks of the moves beforehand. now this is not always good because you can easily talk your way out of something. for me, it pushes me to see an outcome no matter what"s in store. i don't remember playing dominoes that much as a kid, but i love the game now. when was the last time you played a game, had some fun, shared some laughs and got strategic? hope it was yesterday!


  1. I am pushing hard for the resurrection of gameboards in our household. Puzzles have won over though. I love your old dominoes..they look nice and old.

  2. Have you tried bananagrams? So fun!