layers demystified.

discovering the possi-bilities of layering has added a whole new dimension to my artwork. not only am i intrigued as the artist, but i love it as a viewer as well. there is so much going on in this little corner of the larger canvas that i thought i would run you through the process. i die cut the flower sections first, the bottom out of grungeboard, the top out of the clear modeling film. i stamped and painted then glued them together adding a fabric gauze rose for the center. i stamped pen nibs and words onto neutral papers then ripped or cut them into the shapes i needed. i found the charming muse tag among my stash and knew it would be a perfect addition and an added texture for the canvas. i figured out what i wanted on top then started assembling. i love the way it turned out and can't wait to make another one. maybe a winter piece with a white rose, hummm...

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  1. Kelly...these are beautiful! What a cool product. I need a stash of interesting pieces..I love the pen nib you used for your butterfly. Your atc is on its way! Julie