using a childs deck of cards to create my ending booklet, this is one of the projects i created for the prompt waterworks of 52 pages at http://www.art-and-sole.blogspot.com/. i knew the background should be an aqua blue and that it give the feeling of water. so, i gessoed my playing card and did a wash of color, while wet i laid a paper towel into it giving you this great dotted texture. i then spattered with another, duller blue for added drips. the faucet is out of sewing pattern paper and i've shaded here and there to give it dimension. the handle is painted on as well as the drip from the tap. i am really pleased with the whole effect and although simplistic in style, it had a lot of technique to it and was a great learning experiment.

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  1. I love it! Your work has such wonderful depth. I enjoyed hearing about the steps and process you went through to create it xxx