paper clay flowers.

i went to my first mixed media retreat this fall, create in chicago, and had a blast. not only did i challenge myself to take as many classes as the budget would allow but also, no two mediums were to be alike. sue pelletier taught me many things that week - there are no rules in art, experiment, play and most of all, enjoy yourself. i enjoyed her classes immensely because she showed us her technique then left us alone so we could discover our own artistic way. this was my first time working with paper clay and let me tell you, i love it. not only was it so soft and pliable but it dried pretty quick as well. once dry, you can paint it, collage on it, stamp, stencil, you name it, it works - love that! i also loved the added dimensional quality it gave this canvas. i will be arting with this product again, i guarantee it, because the possibilities are endless. do you have a bag of it yet :D


  1. fabulous! That is my goal exactly in teaching! Explore and Play!!!! beautiful work! xxxx

  2. Love it! So much fun! That's what art is suppose to be.

  3. Glad I found your blog! I LOVE this piece you made! Maybe because I love using buttons, and book paper! Now I am going to try jute sack and paper clay! How exciting art is! Patsy from